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Annual retrospective

2020 – The lost year

We all know it sucked!

Nighthawks in Isolation by Kris Tremblay

We all have experienced unprecedented times this year. A global pandemic, no answers, lockdowns, incompetent politicians, and really gross weirdos who are putting more people at risk unnecessarily with their conspiracy narratives and actions. I’m glad my little family and I are healthy. Otherwise, this year is just lost. This year in review is getting […]

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Annual retrospective

So that was 2018

The new year is already a few days old now, so it's time for a quick review.


So what happened in good old 2018? There was quite a lot but I still have the feeling that I didn’t really evolve. I’m still the same guy, I haven’t outgrown myself. For me as an ambitious person, this is of course not satisfying. So I’ll leave the past year behind and plan to take […]

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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25. While data protectionists can now celebrate themselves and think about what they can regulate even worsetighter, we simple people who just want to have a website running now have to seriously consider whether it’s even worth it.

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Batman Theater Tripple Themeberger

All three Batman movies in a row. In the theater. If I wouldn’t become a father, this would be my highlight of the year.

Back in Germany Themeberger

Ahhhh… just smoking. About two or three packs in a row.

Homecoming Themeberger

Last night in Shenzhen, China. So… Before I start to pack my stuff in the bag, I’ll enjoy one last “Classic Club Sandwich” 🙂

Gratification Themeberger

If Osama is in fact dead… That doesn’t change anything for now. But gratification is also something good! 🙂 Good job, SEALS!

Going to china Themeberger

Okay… I’m going through the night, tomorrow at noon my flight to China leaves. Hopefully, I will sleep the unbearable 10,5 hours without cigarettes.