A very well-written article with a lot to think about. I find myself in the words and should also reconsider my behavior.



My tech-savvy privilege

Many of us, myself included, have made jokes about how we are our family’s tech support in an annoyed tone. I now regret those jokes. I wasn’t empathetic and I regret it. Read more

Great article 🙂



How To Get More Done As A Freelance Web Designer

When I finished University and started freelancing full time I found myself getting caught up with these daily tasks so I went about making some changes and trying to find a more effective way of dealing with them. Here are several techniques I use for getting more done.

OS Interface Design between ’81 & ’09 .. Cool article 🙂


Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009 | Webdesigner Depot

A Graphical User Interface (GUI for short) allows users to interact with the computer hardware in a user friendly way. Over the years a range of GUI’s have been developed for different operating systems such as OS/2, Macintosh, Windowsamiga, Linux, Symbian OS, and more. We’ll be taking a look at the evolution of the interface designs of the major operating systems since the 80’s[...]

Very happy to hear about the surrender of the Deutsche Bahn against Netzpolitik.org


Deutsche Bahn AG gibt auf!

Widerstand ist zwecklos? Ganz im Gegenteil! Die Deutsche Bahn AG gibt auf und verzichtet auf weitere Konsequenzen gegen mich.Mathias Schindler hat bei der Pressestelle der Deutschen Bahn AG angerufen und bestätigt es bekommen, dass es "keine weiteren juristischen Schritte gegen “diesen Blogger”"

Black Lives Matter