In this section of my website I publish detailed writings on various topics at irregular intervals.

Annual retrospective

2023 has been a good year

After all these years of personal stagnation, I was finally able to pick myself up and find myself again!

Crowd watching fireworks

The last few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have taken their toll on me. Weeks and months passed by, and I couldn’t grasp a moment and didn’t manage to listen to and within myself, to grow and develop. Everything was better this year, from my first visit to the dentist to the sport and the associated weight loss, increased self-confidence, and many other realizations and changes.

And of course, there were lots of special experiences, great highlights, and fantastic people in my life this year. 2023, thank you!

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I spent the whole year working on myself, growing beyond myself. This included improving my health and fitness, getting mentally further, leaving negative things behind, and becoming a better and more positive person. This also included admitting to myself that I had failed in my marriage.

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Annual retrospective

Now 2022 is also already over

By now, the years are flying by - Maybe because I'm getting old, maybe because of the still ongoing pandemic....

The world keeps spinning. The world has still not managed to get a grip on COVID-19. There is war in parts of Europe. The British queen has died. Women in Iran are rebelling against their regime, and the Soccer World Cup was held in Qatar. And we are eight billion people on this planet.

News that passes me by like the days I didn’t use for anything meaningful.

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Annual retrospective

2021 is also done

The second year in the pandemic and thus the second year that felt just skipped over

Empty Space by Christian Hockenberger

In a year in which hardly anything happened apart from the evil ‘C’ word, what should I write about in a yearly review? I’ll try to fight my way through on the basis of my given structure.

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Annual retrospective

2020 – The lost year

We all know it sucked!

Nighthawks in Isolation by Kris Tremblay

We all have experienced unprecedented times this year. A global pandemic, no answers, lockdowns, incompetent politicians, and really gross weirdos who are putting more people at risk unnecessarily with their conspiracy narratives and actions. I’m glad my little family and I are healthy. Otherwise, this year is just lost. This year in review is getting pretty monotonous except for the first two paragraphs.

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Annual retrospective

2019 is already over

That went faster than I thought, so I'll take a quick review of the year.


I intended to take bigger steps this year, but then somehow life came in between. And work. Reflecting on it, I got more in my head than last time, but were those really big steps? I think not. But what does it really mean? I definitely take away from the year that I set myself concrete goals this time and then in the next review I can evaluate quite objectively whether I have made it or not.

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Annual retrospective

So that was 2018

The new year is already a few days old now, so it's time for a quick review.


So what happened in good old 2018? There was quite a lot but I still have the feeling that I didn’t really evolve. I’m still the same guy, I haven’t outgrown myself. For me as an ambitious person, this is of course not satisfying. So I’ll leave the past year behind and plan to take bigger steps this year.

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My Son

School’s gonna rock

or even just not

My dear son is joining school next year after the summer vacation. Today there was an information evening for us parents at school so that we know what is in store for us and especially for our child. Of course, I already expected that I won’t like some things. I noticed with my brother Marc that, for example, letters are no longer pronounced properly. To make it easier for the children, it just sounds shitty. Or in general, the lessons. Even during my time at the school for my apprenticeship, I didn’t like the fact that so much had to be worked out by myself or in groups and then presented to the class without moderation by the teacher. The classic but effective frontal teaching was hardly ever used anymore.

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Tobias – May the fourth be with you

It is said that time heals all wounds, even in Tobias’ favorite song “Nur die Besten sterben jung” (Only the best die young – What irony!) there is a corresponding line. The only problem is: It is a lie! Surely one can deal with losses over time if they are not as unnatural as in accidents or in my case in murder. If the person who leaves is way too young to be able to say that he or she had a beautiful, fulfilled life. No, no time in the world heals that!

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Four more years of Grand Coalition

So now we have a government again

And everybody's like, "Yeaahh!"

After a long back and forth, the grand coalition of CDU/CSU and SPD has now managed to form a government again. Yesterday, the Chancellor and her cabinet were sworn in for the benefit of the German people, so help them God. It’s a shame to imagine the positive aspects of a minority government, in which every decision has to be fought for a majority. In which it is not possible to simply bypass the majority and a “Keep it up!” would not be doable. That would have been a democracy.

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Privacy – the barriers for website operators are getting higher and higher

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25. While data protectionists can now celebrate themselves and think about what they can regulate even worsetighter, we simple people who just want to have a website running now have to seriously consider whether it’s even worth it.

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Black Lives Matter