I intended to take bigger steps this year, but then somehow life came in between. And work. Reflecting on it, I got more in my head than last time, but were those really big steps? I think not. But what does it really mean? I definitely take away from the year that I set myself concrete goals this time and then in the next review I can evaluate quite objectively whether I have made it or not.

2019 Personal

After we went on holiday together for the first time in 2018, we managed to escape from everyday life together twice this year. In March we stayed for a week in a holiday cottage at the Baltic Sea (with a day trip to Hamburg and the musical The Lion King – Wow, that was so good!). And in June we spent another long weekend in the Movie Park Bottrop. But then the fun came to an end because my son went to school. He did really well in the first half-year.
I am super proud. And I am glad that we all stayed healthy except for a few small matters and that we are doing well.

2019 Professional

I had an exciting second year at meomix. On the one hand, the company carried out a complete rebranding of its own identity and on the other hand, I was responsible for countless customer projects. Some were very tough all year round, others went off without a hitch. All in all, I am very satisfied with the work I have delivered.

2019 Christian Hockenberger Online

Last year I only wrote an article for the 20th anniversary of my website and the year review for 2018. That is very little. Technically, however, a lot has changed. I have created a new theme, which I will publish in the WordPress theme repository after completion. My website is already using this theme. Moreover, the site structure is now exactly as I imagine it to be. Only the front page is still missing.

I also published my first plugin in the WordPress plugin repository and am now officially a plugin developer.

Also, I am finally an official member of the IndieWeb and joined the IndieWeb Webring (✒️🚤🐉).

2019 Miscellaneous

  • Really nice that my Packers played a great season this year, I hope that the journey will continue for a long time
  • Star Trek Discovery season 2 was better than the first one, but well, still not great
  • It’s a wonderful story about how my favorite SF series “The Expanse” was discontinued by SyFy after 3 seasons and was saved by Jeff Bezos (Amazon) thanks to the loyal fans and the actors – the fourth season that just came out on Prime Video is great!
  • The music this year has passed me by just like last year
  • Since the end of November, I regularly take time to build LEGO
  • Also this year without any problems completely without alcohol and tobacco, basic Straight Edge in a manner of speaking ( absence of promiscuity goes by itself).
  • I still couldn’t find enough time to draw
  • Far too much indignation and hastily in society (news, social media)

2010 – 2019

Since now also the second decade of the third millennium is coming to an end and the wild twenties are beginning, I will also take a brief look back at the most important events of the last ten years. -in chronological order.

  • 2010 – Professional education completed and employed
  • 2010 – Moved together with my current wife in Frankenthal
  • 2011 – Husky lady “Alaska” brought to our home
  • 2012 – Birth of our son Thomas
  • 2013 – Married my wife Tanja
  • 2016 – Birth of our daughter Katharina
  • 2017 – Move to Bobenheim-Roxheim
  • 2018 – New employer meomix

Goals 2020

  • Attend an IndieWeb event
  • Visit the HWC Karlsruhe
  • Publish a theme to the WordPress theme repository
  • Start a podcast and run at least 5 episodes
  • Get my weight below 100kg by 30 June and keep it until 31 December.
  • Going Abroad
  • Reflect all these goals in the next annual retrospective