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Today exactly 20 years ago, I put the first version of my private website online. For some people, this may be just a side note, but for me, it means a lot.
-These days I create websites for a living, after all. Poster Art

It’s been a long journey until now. I’ve tried to review the history of my website as far as possible on the page /about/website. At the moment, there are only screenshots, but bit by bit, I’ll write something for each version. It’s a shame that I haven’t finished it yet. This anniversary didn’t come as a surprise for me, but because I’m working on lots of customer projects and the fact that there’s still so much to do technically on my current website, this doesn’t happen yet.

I’ve learned so much, and through working on my website, I’ve found many great people all over the world. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. Also, I’m proud to actively co-shaping the web for over 20 years.

Currently, I’m creating a Now-Page (see, where you can follow what I’m working on right now.

I’ll finish off like in the past:

Cya chrisbergr aka
Christian ‘JJ’ Hockenberger
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