The world keeps spinning. The world has still not managed to get a grip on COVID-19. There is war in parts of Europe. The British queen has died. Women in Iran are rebelling against their regime, and the Soccer World Cup was held in Qatar. And we are eight billion people on this planet.

News that passes me by like the days I didn’t use for anything meaningful.

2022 Private

In February, we spent a few days together with my father-in-law and sister-in-law in a vacation home on the Baltic Sea. As a special highlight, we went with our daughter to the musical “Frozen” in Hamburg, which was a great experience for all of us.

We spent our summer vacations in the Berchtesgaden National Park, the “Yosemite of Germany”. I can’t even describe how fantastic it was. I left a part of my heart in the mountains. Such a beautiful landscape, I have never experienced that before. I absolutely have to come back!

Later in the year, my son was moved to the fourth grade and we still have to make up certain issues caused by Corona homeschooling. At the same time, my daughter started school. So now the two of them have one more year to go to school together.

The front yard has given way to a parking lot and everything has gotten a little nicer in front of the house and in the yard.

Fortunately, we have also been spared from the virus in the third Corona year.

2022 Professional

There has been a lot of work again. That has been great, but now and then also a little stressful. Since my wife has a job and I have 4 days a week home office, of course, it was my job to take care of the food and the homework. It wasn’t always easy to balance that, but with some long hours, I managed to do it.

2022 Christian Hockenberger Online

Already in last year’s review, I announced that I am working on a new website. The site is still at that stage. I am working on it. Not intensively, but piece by piece. The priorities are somewhere else…

2022 Miscellaneous

  • The Packers… Because they did everything they could to keep one man, we fans had to watch so many high-caliber players leave. The payback was seen, without good receiving positions even Rodgers can’t save anything. New talent has emerged over the year, but yesterday we saw that it just wasn’t enough.
  • I have experimented with various emerging AI technologies. In the area of “AI art”, however, I am disillusioned after initial hype. It’s theft, doesn’t look unique and just annoys me on the various platforms like deviantart. Finding real art in between has become really hard. I think text based tools like ChatGPT are great. I don’t use it to get answers to my questions, but to get short introductory texts for e.g. webshops, which I can then refine manually. Having words populate texts I wrote is also a great way to incorporate this technology into workflows
  • Through the YouTube channel of Robert Marc Lehmann, I became aware of abuses in animal and environmental protection. From many things I knew nothing, from others I wanted to know nothing. Now I can no longer close my eyes to it!
  • Also this year without any problems completely without alcohol and tobacco, basic Straight Edge in a manner of speaking ( absence of promiscuity goes by itself)
  • I still could not find enough time for drawing

Reflection Goals 2022

  • Continue to get through the pandemic healthy and as well as possible
    Done, neither I nor my family has been infected and the year would be over
  • Regular strength training / Become more active
    50% Done, until our summer vacation, I was really good at it, every 2nd day I trained. After that, unfortunately, I have no longer made it in

Goals 2023

I remain frugal with my self-imposed goals this year:

  • Continue to get through the pandemic healthy and as well as possible
  • After my front tooth broke off on Jan 01 2023, I want to take this as an opportunity to overcome my fear and have my entire set of teeth restored.
  • Finding my way back to sports after dental treatments
  • Become healthier
  • Reduce meat consumption for ethical reasons