So what happened in good old 2018? There was quite a lot but I still have the feeling that I didn’t really evolve. I’m still the same guy, I haven’t outgrown myself. For me as an ambitious person, this is of course not satisfying. So I’ll leave the past year behind and plan to take bigger steps this year.

2018 Personal

My wife and I have managed to go on vacation together for the first time. Twice, in fact. First for 3 days to Bavaria, where we visited Legoland and Neuschwanstein Castle. And then again a whole week to the Baltic Sea. The kids were with us and I really had a great time. It was my first vacation since I joined the German Army in 2005 with traveling and all that fun.

We all stayed healthy and have settled in our village very well. Unfortunately, there are still some construction projects in the house, which will be quite a challenge for me this year as well.

2018 Professional

Since January 1st, 2018 I started working for meomix. The small, friendly advertising agency is a great place to work with humane working conditions, which I have not experienced since my time in the German Armed Forces. A super boss, nice colleagues, and exciting customers – I like to get up in the morning. And 2 days (plus an optional third one) per week home office are also simply a great benefit thanks to my “office” in the basement.

2018 Miscellaneous

  • Star Trek Discovery season 1 was a disappointment for my Trekkie heart
  • The season of my Green Bay Packers was below zero, I don’t want to go into that any further
  • Even I’ve never been there before, I’m getting more and more in love with Canada
  • Far too little time for Lego
  • Far too little time for drawing
  • Far too little time for my website
  • I couldn’t name a single music title from 2018 that I liked
  • I was able to resist every challenge and have not drunk a sip of alcohol or smoked tobacco since January 1 st, 2015
  • I missed the Blood Moon by a few minutes, but for the first time I saw the normal one with my own eyes via telescope – impressive
  • Apple was seriously interested in me, but after some recruitment steps and countless phone calls to Brighton and California I let it go due to delays and my solidarity with my current employer
  • The “Integrative Kindertagesstätte” in Bobenheim-Roxheim is a great kindergarten
  • Cities: Skylines is the Sim City I always wanted
  • I fell in love with podcasts – Whether it’s a technical reference to WordPress and Indieweb or God and the world via some YouTubers – Perfect for the time I lose while commuting