In this small article I have to write about my observations of the behavior of people towards insects. Butterflies and especially moths.

What is actually going on there? People, or rather Germans, love their butterflies. We are happy when the little animals appear, go to butterfly houses (e.g. in the Luisenpark), and try everything to get these colorful creatures to sit on our own fingers. Extreme “lovers” even go so far as to collect butterfly corpses and put them in display cases.

But if a representative of the group of moths gets lost in the house, then the panic is great. There is screaming, jumping up, and armed with the fly swatter this beast is hunted. The critters are killed and quickly weighed away. After the slightest contact with the skin, people immediately go to the shower for several hours with some kind of sanitizer.

It’s fascinating what the colors and patterns on the wings alone can do. If you look at the animals more closely, you will not recognize any significant differences in the body of the insect. Butterflies are just as ugly as moths or depending on how you look at them, moths are just as beautiful as butterflies.


As a creative person, I am thrilled by this observation; as a human being, I say: Let the moths live!