I don’t understand why it is still necessary for us to talk about this topic. Of course, black lives matter. No less and no more than white people. Every person who sees this differently does not deserve to be heard. This is not an opinion that is protected by any law, but racism. And as a human being just fucking unacceptably bad.

I support the Black Lives Matter movement. In all its facets, of course, also the furious protests that lead to riots. Black people have been dying for decades. The perpetrators get away with it. There have been countless peaceful protests and conversations. Nothing has changed. The times of diplomacy are over, the shit has to end.

Black Lives Matter

I want to extend this page with more content. Until then, please visit blacklivesmatter.com and donate. Donate and learn more about how bad it really is for black lives. And learn what you can do yourself.

Photo by Clay Banks at Unsplash