The last few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have taken their toll on me. Weeks and months passed by, and I couldn’t grasp a moment and didn’t manage to listen to and within myself, to grow and develop. Everything was better this year, from my first visit to the dentist to the sport and the associated weight loss, increased self-confidence, and many other realizations and changes.

And of course, there were lots of special experiences, great highlights, and fantastic people in my life this year. 2023, thank you!

2023 Personal

In the first half of the year, I had countless visits to the dentist on the agenda. Thanks to my incredibly extreme phobia, I’ve accumulated quite a few problems over the years that needed to be fixed. I am so happy to have found Kühn und Wüsthoff Zahnheilkunde, a dental practice whose team is made up of such great, capable and empathetic people.

Unfortunately, the time had come in March: despite all precautions, COVID-19 did get into my house and caught everyone. Even afterward, I still blame my government for the fact that they still haven’t managed to protect people in this country from this virus after years.

There were two vacations again this year, in May a short trip to Leipzig, a surprisingly beautiful city, and in August another week to the Netherlands, to the sea.

After my last vacation, however, the inevitable happened and I ended my relationship, which had already been on the rocks for a long time. The divorce is now just a formality.

Throughout the year, I was in the process of self-discovery. Through regular exercise, I managed to lose 30 kg and, more importantly, to keep it off. This gives me self-confidence and the effect on other people is immediately more positive. It was also easy for me to make contact with new people and gain new experiences. Despite the difficulties that come with separation, the second half of the year was probably the best time I’ve ever had. I lived hard.

2023 Professional

Throughout the year, I was mainly involved in a huge project. Redesigning and implementing a publisher’s website. With subscription models, connection to payment providers, advertising banners, and much more. That was the most challenging thing I’ve been able to do for years. In addition, I provided comprehensive support for existing customers, so it was a very turbulent and busy year without a single boring moment.

2023 Christian Hockenberger Online

After all, including this one, I managed to publish three articles towards the end of the year. On the technical side, I didn’t make any changes to the live site, but I did make some progress on my test environment. However, there was too much work and too much life for me to finish.

2023 Miscellaneous

  • Once again this year, it’s very hard to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers. Our new quarterback Jordan Love not only has a great name, but he also has great potential. But you have to look at this season as a learning process for our young team.
  • Still no craving for cigarettes. I have now been smoke-free for 9 years. However, after 8.5 years without alcohol, I have decided to allow it back into my life in moderation on social occasions.

Reflection Goals 2023

  • Continue to get through the pandemic healthy and as well as possible
    Failed, the time had come in March…
  • After my front tooth broke off on Jan 01 2023, I want to take this as an opportunity to overcome my fear and have my entire set of teeth restored
    Done, I found a great practice and attended all my appointments
  • Finding my way back to sports after dental treatments
    Done, I do sport regularly
  • Become healthier
    Done, I feel healthier and fitter than ever, apart from the coronavirus infection, I only have a slight cold right now, nothing else could harm me. And there were plenty of opportunities.
  • Reduce meat consumption for ethical reasons
    Partly done, reducing is relative and I could talk myself into it, but I could have reduced even more.

Goals 2024

As a lot has changed, my self-imposed goals are particularly sparing this time:

  • Further expanding fitness
  • Settling into my new life
  • Becoming happy