My dear son is joining school next year after the summer vacation. Today there was an information evening for us parents at school so that we know what is in store for us and especially for our child. Of course, I already expected that I won’t like some things. I noticed with my brother Marc that, for example, letters are no longer pronounced properly. To make it easier for the children, it just sounds shitty. Or in general, the lessons. Even during my time at the school for my apprenticeship, I didn’t like the fact that so much had to be worked out by myself or in groups and then presented to the class without moderation by the teacher. The classic but effective frontal teaching was hardly ever used anymore.

Bad Chris

In fact, I get into corners more often because of my opinions that deviate strongly from the consensus. So of course also here with my thoughts about the completely wrongly frowned upon frontal teaching, the pressure to perform, and qualifications. I mean, what is that all about? A system that has worked for so long, with degrees that have been honored worldwide, cannot be changed just like that. Especially since all these changes are simply experiments at the expense of our kids’ future. Of course, I can see that today’s teenagers and early 20s are better in every way than ever before. But that has nothing to do with the horrible school reform, I’ll write about today’s terrific youth in another article.

X, Y

Of course, my generation is to blame, I regret that very much. I myself was lazy, like most people. For real. Or disinterested. Of course, that was shown completely right in the grades. But I never said that I was overwhelmed, that I wasn’t encouraged, that homework was too much, and that I couldn’t concentrate on the teacher for 2 x 45 minutes in a row. But others have done that. In masses. So society and politics had to react and now they are trying to find a way around. Character building, preparation for reality, and potentially taught knowledge fall by the wayside, but it’s rather counterproductive today anyway. Intelligent individuals. Yuck.

Back to the topic, back to school

So I was sitting there in the midst of the countless knowledge-thirsty super parents and was expecting some upsets for me. And it got worse. So, so, so much worse. Individual “encouragement”, it would be quite normal for the kids that one of them was only on page 3 of the book, the other already on page 7. The kids who still have problems reading just sit on the other side of the classroom and do something else. The class teacher will be in the classroom at least once a week. On Thursdays, all classes are broken up and the whole school is divided into project groups that do sports, work, environmental protection, household, or other things.

The all-day classes do not take place from 8 to 12, followed by a lunch break with follow-up physical or creative activities. No, it can also be lessons in the afternoon, as long as there is no homework. The main thing is that parents no longer have control over what and how their children learn. By the way, there is also supervision for working parents who have to bring their little ones at 7 am. One of the supervisors actually wore an RAF shirt. Tough stuff.

Dear Thomas, dear Katharina

I’m sorry that after I finished school I was not interested in the school system anymore. That I was not aware of my responsibility towards society and especially towards you and did nothing. That through ignorance and inaction I accepted that you now have to put up with such crap. That you still have to learn knowledge and skills, probably in addition to school. I don’t trust the system and don’t know how I can convince you of that.


The first question asked by the audience was whether Halal is also offered in the canteen. Yes, of course, it will. And also vegetarian. Basically, there is hardly ever pork, and minced meat is always made of turkey, too.
PS: There are no kosher dishes. After all, we live in a village.

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