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Twitter PESOS – my rules Themeberger

Reviewing my tweets and optionally syndicating them to my website is really hard. There are so many tweets, especially in the first years I wrote several times almost every day. When I transfer a post, I also do it in German and English. So I apply the following rules:

  • Tweets about waking up or going to bed will be ignored
  • Tweets about starting work, taking a lunch break, or getting off work will be ignored
  • Stories from work that have lost their relevance will be ignored
  • Tweets with broken links will be ignored
  • Posts referencing any events that are no longer relatable will also be ignored
  • Jokes that I don’t understand myself anymore will be ignored
  • Any tweets that I do not transfer to my website will be deleted on Twitter
Reclaimed Flickr + YouTube Themeberger

After I’ve finished reclaiming Instagram, I also reclaimed my public Flickr posts and the one published YouTube video tonight.

Reclaimed Instagram Themeberger

I finished reclaiming my Instagram posts tonight. That was quite a lot of work to manually post each post 2 times (2 languages) here. But now I feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

Old portal page Themeberger Portal 2008

I found this old portal page of my website. This should have been around 2008. I still like it ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as I remember, the coloring of the image changed depending on which of the three links to the subpages was hovered.

The journey goes on Themeberger

I have taken the time at the weekend to eliminate some glitches on my website, especially in the mobile appearance. Furthermore, there is now finally a real homepage and dark mode support.

An IndieWeb Webring Themeberger

I joined the IndieWeb Webring (โœ’๏ธ๐Ÿšค๐Ÿ‰). Scroll to my footer and discover the websites of some great people.

The feeds are ready Themeberger

As I will not only have “normal articles” in the classical sense on my website but also a lot of interactions within the free internet, I have modified my feeds. This means that if you subscribe to my RSS or Atom feed, you won’t be bothered with all the interactions taken out of context, but only get the “big articles”. On, there is also a post on the topic that is worth reading.

The links:

Reclaimed Dailybooth Themeberger

In the spirit of the “Own your Data” principle by the Indieweb, I was able to recover my posts from Dailybooth, thanks to The posts are filed under the tag “Dailybooth“. These pictures may not be of any value for you, but I’m glad they survived.

Theme updated Themeberger

I have changed the theme of my website. “Themeberger Basic” is the new one, which I’ve developed as a side project during the last months. It’s not finished yet, but well, if I’m waiting for it, it never goes ahead. Soon there will be another child theme, which will bring this spartan representation into the form I want.

First Shot at dribbble Themeberger
Christian Hockenberger @ Instagram @ Dribbble

I just published my first shot at #dribbble. It displays the current progress for the landing page of my personal website I’m working on at the moment.

#webdesign #website #design #ui #ux

#WP5 Themeberger

I’ve successfully updated my website to #WordPress 5.0. No problems so far.

Until new year’s eve I’ll finish and upload my new theme I’m currently working on. The current theme was never been truly finished and that frustrated me so much that I lost my passion to write here. I expect to get back some publishing action here in early January.

Progress Themeberger

In the past, I’ve rolled out version after version completely build up from scratch in a bi-weekly cycle. At that time I had the energy and time to do this, but no ideas and motivation for the contents.

Today I’d like to publish so much content, but I’m frustrated by the technical state of my website. I’m far behind my own plans.

Christian Hockenberger Monogram

It’s interesting how things can change completely but still leaving me unsatisfied behind.

Old Website Versions Themeberger

I’ve been tryingย to find the very first versions of my website for a long time now.

Today I found shamefully small screenshots of version 1-4.

2002_1 2002_2 2002_3 2002_4

It seems like the pages themselves are lost forever.


Findings from the Search Console Themeberger

I’ve just noticed in the Google Search Console at “Links to your website” that in addition to many things that make sense, the following is in place 30 of the anchor texts: “women from the east are looking for men”

I find that very interesting, at least now I have a page for it ๐Ÿ™‚