I can hardly believe it, after two years I finally managed to work through all my tweets and sort them out properly. All tweets that remained, I have taken over to my website following PESOS.

There were really so many posts whose context I no longer understood myself. How should it expect it from others?



Of course, I have gained a few insights that I would like to share with you here. They are valid for Twitter, but also for all other social networks and my own website.

  • No one cares if I’m tired, going to or coming from work, if I’m running late, what’s going on on the Autobahn, or how much I’m longing for the weekend to arrive
  • I don’t have to keep a record of when I go to the gym or where I just ordered food.
  • When commenting on moments or current events of the day, it’s a good idea to touch on the overall situation a bit, since it’s impossible to understand what it’s about in retrospect
  • The same goes for situational comedy, insider or short comments on a hashtag for a quick like
  • Likes are absolutely irrelevant
  • Dialect or regionally related sayings / jokes can be avoided, no one understands them anyway
  • Automated posts that I shared or posted something on another network are annoying!
  • Weather?! If it’s not a natural disaster that I’m watching, then I’ll keep it to myself
  • I no longer rely on 3rd party services where my content is stored (IndieWeb, Own Your Data!!)
  • If I want to exchange ideas about trash TV, I should get an extra account…

Maybe there won’t be so many things left to post. But that’s also a good situation. Either content with substance or leave it out.