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Annual retrospective

2023 has been a good year

After all these years of personal stagnation, I was finally able to pick myself up and find myself again!

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The last few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have taken their toll on me. Weeks and months passed by, and I couldn’t grasp a moment and didn’t manage to listen to and within myself, to grow and develop. Everything was better this year, from my first visit to the dentist to the sport and the associated weight loss, increased self-confidence, and many other realizations and changes.

And of course, there were lots of special experiences, great highlights, and fantastic people in my life this year. 2023, thank you!

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I spent the whole year working on myself, growing beyond myself. This included improving my health and fitness, getting mentally further, leaving negative things behind, and becoming a better and more positive person. This also included admitting to myself that I had failed in my marriage.

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Annual retrospective

Now 2022 is also already over

By now, the years are flying by - Maybe because I'm getting old, maybe because of the still ongoing pandemic....

The world keeps spinning. The world has still not managed to get a grip on COVID-19. There is war in parts of Europe. The British queen has died. Women in Iran are rebelling against their regime, and the Soccer World Cup was held in Qatar. And we are eight billion people on this planet.

News that passes me by like the days I didn’t use for anything meaningful.

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Black Lives Matter