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I just almost died. I wanted to carry up our old washing machine from the basement by myself, put it in front of the front door. In the middle of the marble stairs is a bend. At this point the washing machine got wedged, could only fall down in my direction. Water ran out, I had hardly any grip. Nothing worked anymore, otherwise I would have fallen down together with the machine.

So I yelled in the direction of my iPhone for Siri to call my dad, who lives two blocks away. Long story short, Siri understood me, but refused because I couldn’t authenticate myself. So Siri would have rather let me die than make that call for me. I made it very clear how urgent the situation was.

By the way, the only reason I’m still able to write is because in a last-ditch acrobatic stunt I managed to get a dog leash, which I used pretty creatively to strap the washing machine in place and then go to my phone.

Fuck you, Siri. You’re so bad at many things, but I can’t get over this one.

Can AI generated images make you sick? Like seasickness or dizziness at high altitude? And I don’t mean that I think the whole topic sucks, what I do.
I mean a really unpleasant feeling in the stomach when looking at the images. A bit like motion sickness when wearing VR glasses.

AI Sickness?

I need to thank AI and especially tools like Midjourney, it makes it easier for me to overcome my Pinterest addiction with all those ugly dystopian images.

Three years after the global outbreak of the pandemic, it has finally hit me now.

COVID test

I’m pissed off at my government. I was as careful as possible, but for everyone else freedom is more important than protection.

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My Son

School’s gonna rock

or even just not

My dear son is joining school next year after the summer vacation. Today there was an information evening for us parents at school so that we know what is in store for us and especially for our child. Of course, I already expected that I won’t like some things. I noticed with my brother Marc that, for example, letters are no longer pronounced properly. To make it easier for the children, it just sounds shitty. Or in general, the lessons. Even during my time at the school for my apprenticeship, I didn’t like the fact that so much had to be worked out by myself or in groups and then presented to the class without moderation by the teacher. The classic but effective frontal teaching was hardly ever used anymore.

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I’ve always lived by the JFK motto “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country!

I looked at my payslip today.
Damn shit, enough!

Germany, it’s your turn!

I have always lived by the principle of JFK, ” Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

Today, I took a look at my paycheck. (Almost 50% taxes)
Bloody hell, enough is enough!

Germany, now it’s your turn!

Good morning Frankenthal! Yesterday I went shopping in the new EDEKA-market. It has become a really nice, big shop. However, I will never forgive the owner family Stiegler the destruction of the historical “After Work House”.

Just like I just can’t understand how a city can get rid of all its historically important objects piece by piece.

Thank you, Facebook for simply deciding that my carefully and elaborately maintained friend lists are not even close as important as your super great (irony!) pseudo-intelligent lists.
– Punch in the face for former extreme use of this site!

“You disturbed others by driving the vehicle back and forth without purpose. Proof: photo of the parked car!” Frankenthal you’re out of your tiny mind!

Please.. Don’t invite me to Fish/Farm/Anything Ville, Birthday-Apps and any kind of tests.. I will chose by my own what application I’d like to use!

Black Lives Matter