Tax Payer Themeberger

I’ve always lived by the JFK motto “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country!

I looked at my payslip today.
Damn shit, enough!

Germany, it’s your turn!

New EDEKA-Market in Frankenthal Themeberger

Good morning Frankenthal! Yesterday I went shopping in the new EDEKA-market. It has become a really nice, big shop. However, I will never forgive the owner family Stiegler the destruction of the historical “After Work House”.

Just like I just can’t understand how a city can get rid of all its historically important objects piece by piece.

Facebook Friendlists Themeberger

Thank you, Facebook for simply deciding that my carefully and elaborately maintained friend lists are not even close as important as your super great (irony!) pseudo-intelligent lists.
– Punch in the face for former extreme use of this site!

What the… Themeberger

“You disturbed others by driving the vehicle back and forth without purpose. Proof: photo of the parked car!” Frankenthal you’re out of your tiny mind!

Facebook Problems… Themeberger

Please.. Don’t invite me to Fish/Farm/Anything Ville, Birthday-Apps and any kind of tests.. I will chose by my own what application I’d like to use!