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In Germany, we say “Hoch die Hände, Wochenende!”.

It’s been a tough week, resuming work, leftover symptoms of COVID…. #TGIF


checked in at Herzog Etiketten

Checking the proofs for one of our clients

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Great article 🙂



How To Get More Done As A Freelance Web Designer

When I finished University and started freelancing full time I found myself getting caught up with these daily tasks so I went about making some changes and trying to find a more effective way of dealing with them. Here are several techniques I use for getting more done.

OS Interface Design between ’81 & ’09 .. Cool article 🙂


Operating System Interface Design Between 1981-2009 | Webdesigner Depot

A Graphical User Interface (GUI for short) allows users to interact with the computer hardware in a user friendly way. Over the years a range of GUI’s have been developed for different operating systems such as OS/2, Macintosh, Windowsamiga, Linux, Symbian OS, and more. We’ll be taking a look at the evolution of the interface designs of the major operating systems since the 80’s[...]

I consumed about 3 hours of relaxing screensavers at work today (product design, receiver)… Fireplace, aquarium, forests, waterfalls… I am sooo tired…

Black Lives Matter