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In the middle of the Star Wars flight simulator, my daughter asks with an anxious voice “Mom, are we really in space?”
Oh gosh, that was cute πŸ™‚

I finally saw Denis Villeneuve’s epic masterpiece Dune in theaters today.
Besides the great storytelling, the breathtaking images, and the great acting performance, the movie score definitely has to be praised.

Farewell Sigrid SchlΓΌter

On September 02, 2021, my wife lost her mother and my children lost their grandma.

Farewell Sigrid SchlΓΌter

Today was the funeral, I hope I can give my family the support they need.

I am grateful that I was accepted as a son-in-law by this great woman and will remember gladly the beautiful moments we spent together.

Great respect for the Frankenthal State Vaccination Center. As competent, organized and fast as one is carried out there, first class. I haven’t experienced this level of professionalism in a long time.

And by the way, it looks pretty too πŸ™‚


A pair of appointments, that is 1st and 2nd vaccination appointment together, has been reserved for you:
Vaccination date 1: 05/27 2021 04:30 p.m.
Vaccination date 2: 07/03 2021 11:15 a.m.

The whole world knows that Derek Chauvin is guilty. I’m thankful that the court didn’t disagree with that fact.

#GeorgeFloydTrial #BLM

Reviewing my tweets and optionally syndicating them to my website is really hard. There are so many tweets, especially in the first years I wrote several times almost every day. When I transfer a post, I also do it in German and English. So I apply the following rules:

  • Tweets about waking up or going to bed will be ignored
  • Tweets about starting work, taking a lunch break, or getting off work will be ignored
  • Stories from work that have lost their relevance will be ignored
  • Tweets with broken links will be ignored
  • Posts referencing any events that are no longer relatable will also be ignored
  • Jokes that I don’t understand myself anymore will be ignored
  • Tweets about new posts on fb, tumblr, instagram or any other network will be ignored
  • Any tweets that I do not transfer to my website will be deleted on Twitter
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I’m manually reviewing each of my tweets right now (doing PESOS). In 2008, I tweeted almost every day that I was arriving at work, having lunch, getting off work, being tired, or all of them combined.

I hate myself πŸ™‚


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Looking at the local FB groups and personal conversations, I think I’m the only one in my village of 10k people who think it sucks to take my son back to school tomorrow. COVID is still around!

Everyone else is like, “Yeah, kids out, finally!”

They don’t even fucking care about education, they care about having a vacation from their kids. WTF?!

No school, kindergarten, meetings, parties, no restaurant visits, no tattoo parlors, hairdressers, hardware stores, etc., no cinemas, no concerts…. I carry all this with a heavy heart.
But to be locked up every evening from 21:00, I can’t stand it any longer!

And I don’t even plan to go out… But the fact that I am not allowed to do so is killing me. I have not been convicted of any crime, so I don’t deserve to be behind bars! If I went out, I still couldn’t do anything else, so what’s the point?

Okay, vaccinations. If I understand correctly (which is not that simple), the eldest are vaccinated first. Then the slightly less old. And in the third wave, first the nursing staff, teachers, cashiers, etc.

This seems to me to be completely the wrong way around!

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.

Massimo Vignelli

Let me introduce myself: Christian Hockenberger, a fighter.

Black Lives Matter